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Understanding Car Alarms and Car Alarm Systems


To understand the entire car alarm system, we will first try to explain what are car alarms? A car alarm is a set of electronic device that consistently guard a car and its content. It generally relays extreme alarming sirens, noises and sounds to keep the car owner alert about possible theft. Car alarms are not only capable of relaying sound or sirens, but also can flash lights. Utilizing advanced technological integrations, a few of these car alarms are capable of sending paging signals to the car owners’ handheld receptor. These types of car alarms work on the same concept as any other remote controlled system. The car's owner, with this type of car alarm system, can remotely make the electrical circuits of the car inactive.

Car alarms do not work in the same way as immobilizers, though their objective is similar. Immobilizers do not have alarming mechanism to alert car owners like car alarms do, they simply immobilize the vehicle. There are two major types of car alarms. They are
- Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car alarms
- Aftermarket car alarms

OEM car alarms refers to those car alarm systems that were originally built by the manfacturer of that car make. Aftermarket car alarms are those alarm systems that car owners  install on their car, after  purchasing it from external sources, other than the car maker. There are aftermarket car alarms that you can find in any automobile accessories and motor parts shops. To buy OEM car alarms you need to contact affiliate stores of motor parts from the original manufacturer.

The majority of car alarm systems come with wireless functioning. This type of car alarm functions when a radio receiver mechanism is controlled, regulated and moderated with the help of a key fob. The key fob device is kept with the owner of the car alarm. These car alarms often use a sensory immobilizer with motion detectors. These car alarm systems also utilize an advanced cryptographic authentication process to ensure a secure and safe system.

The ease of arming your car alarm depends on the type of alarm you buy. You need to set the key cylinders to the front doors of the car. Whenever someone tries to break into your car, the car alarm system will disable the door lock system. The cylinders installed in the door automatically detect the malpractice and starts to relay the car alarms alert signals. The cylinders installed in the door are able to recognize the systematic interlocking and unlocking mechanism of the door. Therefore, if someone uses the right key to open the front door or use it to start up the engine, then the car alarm system will accept it. In case the key is not the right one, the alarm system will detect the abnormalities and start relaying the alarms. The alarms system works in an activated state round the clock. In some automobiles, you will find power door lock switches that come with built-in car alarm system. The car alarms system switches to a deactivated state if the engine is left turned on. Some alarm systems come with coding technology as well.

Aftermarket car alarms are extended and modified version of the factory’s' built in OEM alarms. Aftermarket car alarms are wirelessly controlled and monitored. The difference between aftermarket car alarm and OEM car alarms is in the use of an override switch that is mounted on hidden location. In aftermarket car alarms, you can find a wider ranges of car alarm systems that have many customizable features. There are many different custom features offered for modern car alarms. Some producer are only working on this niche and bringing you the best car and automobile alarms. These specialized car and automobile makers are using the best possible technology, using only the most excellent engineering skills and are even bringing Global Positioning System technology enabled alarms for your car. Finding the right kind and type of car alarm is important because it is directly related to the question of your car security and protecting your valuable possessions.

As cars have always been the prime target for any thief, the use and installation of an alarm system is necessary. Using the best kind of car alarm should be your ultimate choice. To install your car alarms, which do not generally require any expert assistance, you simply need some basic understanding.


Here are the details on how to install a car alarm on your car. To install a car alarm, you first need to categorically separate the parts, kit and accessories. First, you need a sensor that is capable of detecting motion, which are generally available as switches or pressure switches. Then you need a radio receiver that will mainly be used for wireless controlling from the key fob. A siren is also used which are generally mounted on the front of car under the bumper. Finally, you need a battery for generating power support and thecomputer control unit. You need to connect the siren with sensor and ensure both of them have access to power in dual channels. Auxiliary batteries should be used so that power is available for the car alarm system to function, even when an invader cuts the main power supply. The sensor or pressure switch you use to install on the door kits section should work effectively. While you add it to your door locking system, you must check that whether the pressure switch or sensor is capable to connect with window as well as door. If it can work to sensor suspicious activities with door locking or window opening system then it will be better to use. Then you need to turn the computer control unit on. This will connect all the systems for integration and activation. The faster working speed of the computer control unit is an important requirement for any alarm system apart from the enhanced censoring devices. Considering the simplicity of the working mechanism of car alarm systems, many people do not show much interest in the quality control of the same. They make this great mistake. If you are looking for car alarms, get it tested and ask for its quality conformity standards. Everyone is not capable to deliver your best quality controlled and tested car alarms. Only we can provide you with best quality car and automobile alarms at great prices.

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