LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection

LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection

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LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection

LCD Alarm with Remote Start + Owner Detection

2-Way alarm system means the controller communicates with the alarm unit similar to a pager. Includes dual stage shock sensor to protect your vehicle from tampering. Part Number: CARX6C

Key Features:

1. Keyless entry system with unlock/locks the doors automatically as you approach and go away from the vehicle. Similar systems are found on OEM vehicles such as high end BMW's.

2. Remote Start

3. Super Long Distance FSK technology up to 3000 Meters = 9600 FEET!

4. Temperature indication on remote control.

5. Automatic vehicle start shutoff based on preselected temperatures.

6. Sensitivity adjustment by remote control. Up to 8 levels based on users requirements.

7. Code Rolling Technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing.

8. Visual display on remote control

9. Vibration and Audio on remote control

10. Multi signal detection (Tachless, Tach, High Voltage, Oil sensor) for remote starter.

11. Door/Hood/Trunk Sensor Function

13. Automatic window roll up Fuction

14. Extra 4 outputs for microwave sensor/ultrasonic sensor (optional not included)

15. Turbo Timer Function

16. Gear Checking Function

17. Works on Manual and Automatic Cars

18. Automatic Arming (programmable)

19. Closing door reminder :in the event that you arm the alarm with remote control whil any of the doors are not closed completely, the siren will emit 2 short chirps and the turn signal light will flash for 15 sec. if the door left open then after 15 sec the siren and the remote control will sound continuously until the door is closed.

20. Emergency alarm :If any of the doors, hood or trunk is open while the alarm is armed, the siren will sound for 25 sec, the turn signal lights will flash 25 times, the LED will light solid for 25 seconds, the starter interrupt will be engaged, the remote control will beep intermittently for 15 seconds. if the violated zone is left open after 25 seconds, the alarm cycle will repeat.

21. Many more features

Important Message! Many new vehicles have a "Electronic Chip" inside their keys. These vehicles will require a module called Transponder which will use an extra key to start your vehicle. Remember, remote start will not work without a transponder with vehicles with CHIP IN KEY. Transponders are sold separate. Please check with your dealer if your vehicle has a CHIP in the key!

(1 ratings)

Tim M - Ford Mustang

5.0 Appearance

5.0 Easy Of Installation

5.0 Price / Value

5.0 Quality

The item arrived promptly. The unit has been working fine for about a month now. I installed it myself and the installation was not so complicated (if you HAVE experience and read the instructions carefully). The range of this remote starter has surpassed my expectations, although the distance might not be as the manufacturer claims. You can be two or three blocks away and still use the remote successfully. In open space it works from a much longer distance of course. The features of the unit are abundant; I only needed the remote start and keyless entry. It has the option to switch between automatic and manual transmission cars. Recently I had to relocate the antenna away from the metal body of the car because the range of operation dropped substantially. I is much better now and I hope it stays like so. The remotes that come with the system are very nice. However, they look very vulnerable. They should be protected by a case or something because if they die or get broken I don't think there would be a replacement. I have tried another system recently but it worked only when I was standing next to the car (there is no point/useless): Returned. This one is so much better; yet, only time will tell if it is really durable and reliable. I would absolutely recommend the item as well as the seller.