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Daewoo Lanos Car Alarm Security System

Lanos is a subcompact car manufactured by Daewoo in 1997. It was assembled in many countries outside Korea such as Russia and Poland. This car is available in three versions, namely as 3 door hatch back 4 door sedan and a 5door hatch back. Clifford 5.1 is a car alarm that suits Daewoo Lanos and is able to give the necessary protection to the car. It is a two channel security system with built in parking light flasher, shock sensor and the dome light supervision. Thus it makes itself a good Daewoo Lanos Car Alarm. Daewoo cars are popular as passenger vehicles and are made by Daewoo Corporation in Korea. Clifford is an electronic alarm system that is able to provide the security this car needs. When fitted with it the car will be well looked after to caution the owner if any one tries to enter the car. The alarm system will send pictures of the car to the owner continuously. This Daewoo Lanos Car Alarm will prevent theft of the car by alarming the owner. For all your needs on car alarms you are welcome to contact us. We will give you a cheap price and will provide you with a very quick service.