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The mini was first produced and introduced to the world by the British Motoring Company. This mini was considered to be the first and the only original mini. The other entire mini’s that came after this car mini are just variants of the first and original mini. It is a very small and neat compact car. It is quite stylish and sporty. The mini comes in various models and sizes. There are 4 distinctive variants of the mini and these are convertible, crossover, clubman and hardtop. Currently the Mini is now owned by BMW Car Group and BMW have produced the successor to the first and original mini. This was done in April 2001. BMW offer their mini in 4 distinctive models or sizes. These are estate, countryman, convertible and hardtop. Car alarms on most cars these days are very high tech and fancy. In addition to provide security, safety and protection to these vehicles they also come packed with other new and exciting features like Bluetooth, wireless technology. The mini cooper car alarm is much more then a mere alarm. It is a device which handles all the cars security issues and features. These include engine condition, tyre pressure and so forth. The cooper car alarm and other great car alarms are available at great discounted prices. Simply contact us f you are interested and we will handle the rest.