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This French car maker is a major part of PSA Peugeot Citroen; this is the second largest car producer in Europe. It initially started out as family car business and it was founded in 1810. In 1858 Emile Peugeot submitted an application to use the lion as its trademark. The first Peugeot car to be produced was sold in 1891. Due to family squabbles and internal fighting Armand Peugeot founded a break away Societe des Peugeot automobile. Peugeot like other great car manufactures has a very long and rich history which dates back to the 19th century where it started out by making coffee mills and bicycles. The car maker is originally from Sochaux France. Peugeot has a large manufacturing and production plant in Sochaux. It also sponsors a football club called the Sochaux which was founded by family member. Peugeots flagship and main car is the 405. It is a very large family car and it was released in 1987. This car went on to win car of the year in Europe in 1988.The Peugeot car alarm is known for its precision and perfect timing. The cars are a marvel to watch and they are very stylish and sleek. Most Peugeot car alarms are very advanced and high tech. The alarms provide very advanced and high tech security. This alarm and other like it are readily available and you can get it a very cheap an affordable price.