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Scion xB Car Alarm Security System

This is a five door hatch back manufactured by Toyota under their brand name of Scion which is aimed at the youth of the US. This subcompact car with five doors hit the US market in 2004. It has a five speed manual or four speed automatic gear box. On safety it is a good car on the average. Intelliguard 770 is a good Scion xB Car Alarm. It is a four channel security system that employs advanced technology. It has all necessary features of a good car alarm as it has facilities such as valet override, programmable siren, built in parking light flasher, and remotely adjustable duel zone Omni sensor. Clifford sensors match very well with your xB car. When these two technologies are together they will complement each other well and will protect your car from theft. Not only the car but also things inside the car are protected by this Scion xB Car Alarm. If anyone tries to break a glass and gain entry into the car the security system will alert you. If you need to get your car fitted with a car alarm the first place you consider should be us as we are the specialists on the subject. We will get you the original equipment.